Wood-Boring Beetles

Get Rid of Wood-Boring Beetles

Wood Boring Beetle

Wood-Boring Beetles, and their larvae, eat and destroy wood. If left unchecked, they can do major damage to the structure of your home.  Home inspectors commonly find them when a home is inspected for sale. Treatment may be required.  Inspection is required to determine the type, severity and treatment required.

Free Inspection
Our inspectors are trained to identify Wood-Boring Beetles around your home. Once an infestation is identified and the structure examined, your inspector will design a custom treatment plan to get rid of them.

Treatments include spraying the infested area.

Ongoing Protection
Getting rid of Wood-Boring Beetles is a process that demands expertise and patience. Typically, a single treatment will ensure total elimination of the Wood-Boring Beetles in your home and will keep them out, guaranteed!

Our Guarantee
If these steps are followed, we guarantee your home will be Wood-Boring Beetle free. If they find a way back into your home on our watch, we’ll get rid of them!

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